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Replenish hydration with this complexion perfecting cleanser that offers moisturizing factors that optimize natural glow and suppleness. Moisture attracting Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Vegetable and Argan Extract help to replenish humectants which result in a complexion that looks nourished. Best for aging skin seeing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.


• Glycoderm P - Is an intensive hydration complex. It is a liposomal delivery of unique moisturizing factors which have a beneficial effect on the epidermis based on its supply of phospholipids and ceramides, which result in a restoration of the typical “brick-and-mortar“ structure of the skin.

• Phytocoll PF (Yeast Extract) duplicates the aesthetics of mammalian collagen while delivering enhanced levels of moisture to the skin or hair without the issues associated with animal origin ingredients. This pseudo collagen active offers enhanced moisture binding capacity primarily attributed to the presence of the sugars, which are typically absent of mammalian collagens.

• Argassential™ is clinically proven to plump and firm the skin through collagen production and optimized adipogenesis.

• Alfaflor Artemisia - Is a plant-derived active which offers natural anti-oxidative and radical scavenging activity.

• Snap-8™ Peptide Solution contains an anti-wrinkle octapeptide that is an elongation of the hexapeptide Argireline® Peptide. Therefore, it reduces expression wrinkles through a Botulinum Toxin-like mechanism of action

Elastin Cleanse

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