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Clarify and revitalize with this Beta and Alpha Hydroxy Acid-based foaming wash that freshens the skin, dissolving and sweeping away oil that can lead to unbalanced skin. Skin perfecting Licorice Root, Grape Skin and Green Tea Leaf Extracts fortify topical nourishment leaving your complexion superbly clean and revitalized. Especially great for mature skin that requires refinement


Feature Ingredients:

• A non-stripping, daily foaming wash that combats excess oil with clarifying AHA and BHA.

• A Coconut-derived surfactant creates an ideal environment to combat oily-prone skin.

• Great for those with combination skin as it gently resurfaces, encouraging natural radiance.

• Licorice Root and Grape Skin Extract nourish and revitalize.

Refining Cleanse

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