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This refreshing daily cleanser removes surface residue while combating free radical aggression. Pumpkin contains naturally occurring Beta-Carotene, a potent Anti-oxidant that helps to fortify the cellular matrix. Clarifying Clove and Cinnamon oils lend an aromatic influence that uplifts and energizes the skin while providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. Great for all skin types except sensitive


Feature Ingredients:

• Clove Oil acts as a natural astringent and cleanser, eliminating excess oil from the surface of the skin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it an ideal ingredient for reducing black heads, pustules and pimples often associated with oily skin.

• Pumpkin Seed Oil boost hydration by supplying moisture directly to the skin. It also soothes and calms.

• Lactic Acid penetrates the oil glands, removing built up dirt and debris from deep within the pores so that skin is left looking smoother and more even in tone.

VitA Antioxidant Cleanse

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